New gallery – Enlighten 2015

Sydney has Vivid, Perth has Swan, Melbourne has White Night (Nuit Blanche) and Canberra has Enlighten. These lumiere festivals are a great opportunity for photographers of every persuasion to gather the light and turn it into pixels. Canberra’s festival lights up many of the major civic buildings, including Old Parliament House, Questacon, the National Library, the National Gallery and many others.  So I thought I’d grab the camera and get amongst it 🙂

The political cartoons were remarkable, but the display of twitter tags really hit home. Seeing the hard hitting political cartoons lampooning the current and previous governments, followed by #JESUISCHARLIE says much for the value of free speech, and the freedom to hold contrary views.

Enlighten 2015 - 20150301_0019


Enlighten 2015 - 20150301_0016


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An Ansel Adams moment

The storm reduced driving visibility so much that I had to stop twice on the side of the road. As the rain front passed I glanced over toward the distant hills – part of the great Snowy Mountains chain – and took this shot. It was an Ansel Adams moment – a landscape that leant itself to a treatment similar to that of the great American photographer.

Near Cooma NSW

Near Cooma NSW

So you thought texting distraction was new?

In Sydney recently I saved someone’s life. No, I’m no hero, but waiting for the lights to change I noticed a woman walking briskly towards the pavement edge completely engrossed in her phone and entirely unaware she was about to step out into the mayhem of Sydney traffic. “watch out!” I said and caught her arm as she stepped off the pavement. She looked confused and annoyed as though emerging from another dimension in some bucolic idyll to materialise abruptly on a busy city street.

I thought about how technology had become so absorbing, that people could lose their situational awareness to such a degree – as to put lives in danger. It was never thus in our grandparents’ time or their grandparents’. Or was it?

woman reading [source: Dave Walker - Street style 1906: Edward Linley Sambourne’s fashion blog]

Woman reading

This photo was taken in 1906 and forms part of an excellent blog post by Dave Walker, titled Street style 1906: Edward Linley Sambourne’s fashion blog.

While his post is about street photography and a documentary style that today would be called a fashion blog, I was intrigued by the way the early photographer captured the impact of reading on young women of the day – just as today the same kind of images turn up of people stepping off curbs and – heaven forbid – actually check their phones while driving!

woman reading [source: David Walker - Street Style 1906]

woman reading

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