Golden hour is special

Twice a day – at Dawn and Dusk there is a golden hour. It is a time when the sun is low, the shadows are long and the light has a special golden quality to it

Trees at dawn

Winter trees at Dawn

In Winter the trees display traceries of delicate branches

Pathway to the Sun

Pathway to the Sun

At that time the path seems to lead directly to the Sun



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4 Responses to Golden hour is special

  1. Chris says:

    Jerry, your photographs are fabulous. I am really pleased to see you blogging about them as I think you will find a very receptive audience – and probably market. Are you planning to sell prints? If so, can you give me details like where, costs etc please.

    I liked your tute on the ‘red-shirted tourist’ – apart from cropping which isn’t always the best thing, your solutions are very clever.

    In the meantime keep up the great work.

    • Jerry says:

      Hi Chris – thanks for your comment 🙂
      I’m just in the process of setting up this blog and transferring some bits from another blog.I do intend to sell from this site and once I’ve done some tweaking you will be able to buy and download direct from the site – at this stage probably in about a month. While I don’t intend selling prints directly, what I will do is sell the licence for you to download a high res version for printing.

      And yes I will be putting up a range of tutorial posts – including for iphonography soon. The cropping bit was about finding the story – which is sometimes not in the centre of the photo – and I certainly agree that cropping is not always the best option. As you have seen sometimes there are creative ways around specific issues using post-processing tools. In my view the digital darkroom is where the work begins on turning a snapshot into a photograph – thanks again for your thoughtful comment 🙂


  2. Chris says:

    Hi, it’s me again. I forgot to ask if you would mind posting here the photograph that you posted on Facebook that has everyone talking. Please.

    • Jerry says:

      Hi Chris – I’m not sure which photo you are referring to, but if you mean the supermoon photo, then yes I’ll be putting together a post soon on how I achieved that shot 🙂


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