Some light reading – levitation photography

Have you ever seen those photos of people, apparently weightless, floating in mid-air as though someone had turned off the gravity button?

A little light reading

A little light reading

It’s easier than it looks.

Camera, tripod, smart phone with sound trigger software (ioShutterPro – from Enlight) and a remote trigger connected to the smart phone. Oh, and a subject willing to fly… For some reason Sharon didn’t want to do this, so I set it up to take my own photo.

How it’s done:
You want a fast shutter speed so use flash if indoors, or a fast setting if outdoors. In this case I was indoors and so I set the camera up on the tripod.

Switch to manual focus and focus on the spot where the jump will take place. I set up a second tripod and focussed on that, before moving it out of the way.

Set up the camera’s flash and set up the phone’s ioShutterPro software to use the sound trigger

Take up position – perhaps on a small step just out of camera sight, and jump, while nonchalantly reading a book. At the same instant make a sound to trigger the photo. It takes a bit of practice but soon you can coordinate it all together – for quite a decent effect ­čÖé

Golden hour is special

Twice a day – at Dawn and┬áDusk there is a golden hour. It is a time when the sun is low, the shadows are long and the light has a special golden quality to it

Trees at dawn

Winter trees at Dawn

In Winter the trees display traceries of delicate branches

Pathway to the Sun

Pathway to the Sun

At that time the path seems to lead directly to the Sun