An Ansel Adams moment

The storm reduced driving visibility so much that I had to stop twice on the side of the road. As the rain front passed I glanced over toward the distant hills – part of the great Snowy Mountains chain – and took this shot. It was an Ansel Adams moment – a landscape that leant itself to a treatment similar to that of the great American photographer.

Near Cooma NSW

Near Cooma NSW

So you thought texting distraction was new?

In Sydney recently I saved someone’s life. No, I’m no hero, but waiting for the lights to change I noticed a woman walking briskly towards the pavement edge completely engrossed in her phone and entirely unaware she was about to step out into the mayhem of Sydney traffic. “watch out!” I said and caught her arm as she stepped off the pavement. She looked confused and annoyed as though emerging from another dimension in some bucolic idyll to materialise abruptly on a busy city street.

I thought about how technology had become so absorbing, that people could lose their situational awareness to such a degree – as to put lives in danger. It was never thus in our grandparents’ time or their grandparents’. Or was it?

woman reading [source: Dave Walker - Street style 1906: Edward Linley Sambourne’s fashion blog]

Woman reading

This photo was taken in 1906 and forms part of an excellent blog post by Dave Walker, titled Street style 1906: Edward Linley Sambourne’s fashion blog.

While his post is about street photography and a documentary style that today would be called a fashion blog, I was intrigued by the way the early photographer captured the impact of reading on young women of the day – just as today the same kind of images turn up of people stepping off curbs and – heaven forbid – actually check their phones while driving!

woman reading [source: David Walker - Street Style 1906]

woman reading

 Have you captured such images in today’s world? Why not share by leaving a comment below with a link 🙂